About Us

School Introduction:

To Strive, to Seek and not to Yield.

Sofia Convent, a Co-Educational institution holds this motto as its way of working and a driving force. Sofia Convent is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.
The school aims at character development of the children aboard with the transmission of knowledge that ultimately leads to wisdom. The word ‘Sofia’ has its origin in Greek language which means ‘WISDOM’. The word ‘Convent’ has its roots in Latin word ‘Conventus’ which means ‘ASSEMBLY’. For that matter, Sofia Convent is a place where the Wisdom develops through coordination and sharing.
The school adopts an innovative pattern of education called EDUCARE that focuses on the overall development of the child. EDUCARE is a synergistic medium of education that immixes traditional and cultural values & ethics with the modern day knowledge and information.
Alongside EDUCARE, the school maintains its educational curriculum based on the overall growth of the child through various modern day educational theories like Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Morning Circles and many more.

Teaching Pedagogy:

In Sofia Convent we believe that each child learns in a different manner. For the same, we have formulated a teaching pedagogy that focuses on a child centric approach, in which each child is given proper and due attention. We adopt various modern day techniques like Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple intelligence theory, morning circles etc.
The school strictly follows the mandate as per the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) programme implemented by the CBSE, New Delhi. This involves the assessment of the child round the year in studies, attitudes, behaviour and co-curricular participation.
CBSE trained and qualified staff along with a caring management makes it sure that your child is in safe, caring and secure hands. All the teachers in the school are trained and qualified as per CBSE rules and mandates.

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